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    About the Work:


    What is time?


    Compared to time, space is a quantity. It can be built, it can be formed, it can be sold, it can be borrowed. In our common way of thinking, it symbolises a value that can be measured.


    You can be in the same place several times in your life, but never twice at the same time.

    If space is a quantity, then time is qualitative. We can count time as a repeating artificial variable (minutes, hours, days, etc.) to make the repetition tangible, but this variable is only an artificial form created by us. That makes time a running variable.


    The question remains whether one can connect time with space.


    If you had to categorise time, you would have to do it as past, present, and future. The space always stays the same. Only under the addition of time is it transformed. Otherwise, it will always remain space.


    This picture intends to summarise the four dimensions to unite time and space.


    250,00 €Price
    • Framed edition of 20x30 cm with passe-partout matting, image size is 20x30 cm and frame size is 30x40 cm.

      Framed edition of 30x45 cm with passe-partout matting, image size is 30x45 cm and frame size is 50x70 cm.

      Framed edition of 50x75 cm with passe-partout matting, image size is 50x75 cm and frame size is 70x100 cm.


      Black wooden frame made of solid black lacquered tulip tree wood


      *Worldwide shipping available and free delivery within Germany.

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